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My family has lived and conducted business here in Delaware County for 5 generations.  We have seen the changes that a growing community with new business can bring, and the benefits of conducting business operations local and with local people.  Like my father, and forefathers, I have relied on the services of local businesses to keep our operations running smoothly, while continuing to reinvest in our community... more »


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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages are available to small businesses and other entrepreneurs in need of real estate financing. Let our team of experienced lenders work closely with you on projects such as:

Our Commercial Mortgages feature flexible terms and pricing. Interest rates may be fixed or may be adjusted on an annual basis with a Prime Rate or Treasury Security Index.

For more information, stop by one of our Iron Workers Bank locations, or contact an IWB Financial Specialist today: custsrv@iwsb.com.